More than once I’ve heard POGs say that MREs aren’t that bad and you can always go to the DFAC or Green Beans or, according to one POG on Kandahar Air Field, down to TGI Friday’s when you’re tired of MREs. "[citation needed], This article is about the noun. Pogue or POG (Person Other than a Grunt) is American pejorative military slang for non infantry MOS (military occupational specialty) staff, and other rear-echelon or support units. What does Governmental & Military POG stand for? WATM is made in Hollywood by veterans. However, no references have been found that would allow one to trace such a derivation. "POG" is a backronym for "pogue", rising to prominence during the Global War on Terror (GWOT). It is the mechanic that makes a driver do work that mechanics are supposed to do because they are lazy. Not every base has a DFAC. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. military police (MP's are considered POG's because all they do is guard embassys and work at toll booths and get spit on by hajis at guantanamo bay. Here are seven signs that you’re not only a POG but a super POG: There are some semi-famous photos of this phenomenon that show support soldiers laughing in frustration as they try to roll wheeled bags across the crushed gravel and thick mud of Kandahar and other major bases. POGs spend hours per day in office chairs, protecting their boots from any serious work, while infantryman are more likely to be laying out equipment in the motor pool, marching, or conducting field problems, all of which get their boots covered in grease and mud while wearing out the soles and seams. Both of those factors make rolling bags a ridiculous choice. Tor. The Government & Military Acronym / Slang Pogey Bait means... AcronymsAndSlang. A " Pogger " is someone who makes that move, but is usually used differently (as of a champion in something). To understand what Pogey Bait, is, one must understand the story of how such terms come to be.In the hallowed halls of American military institutions around the world, the close ties of those who defend freedom against those enemies foreign and domestic … Share. "Pogee", "pogie", "pogey", are described as terms from Korean slang first by the US Army and then all services to refer to female genitals.[9]. Marine Infantry call non-infantry Marines POG's (POG = Personnel Other than Grunt). The Pogey Bait meaning is derived from POG, refers to candy, sweets, or any other food that the Army does not issue but tastes good (any food the Army … Anyone who wants to remember the unit instead of their squad mates was clearly doing the whole “deployment” thing wrong. A few bases couldn’t even get regular mermite deliveries. Put simply, Pogey Bait is a military term that has more history than meets the eye. 15. What is a POG Marine? Military Slang POG abbreviation meaning defined here. I never got why it's a term of derision, the POG life is the good life. And why shouldn’t they? [citation needed] The form "pogue" can be found in pre-GWOT novels and books written about the Vietnam War, including in glossary entries which give no indication that the term is an acronym (c.f. Military terms are sometimes seen as mildly derogatory, such as the term “boot,” or, in this case, “POG,” which means “Person Other than Grunt.” So, where did the term “POG” come from? This is what happens when the Army puts a laser on an Apache attack helicopter, 9 reasons it's perfectly fine to be a POG. Hop on to get the meaning of POG. Yes, #AllServiceMatters, but the burdens of service aren’t shared evenly. In this case “POG” can mean “person other than grunt.” A grunt is a frontline soldier who does something dangerous or combat-related so here a “POG” is someone who performs some supporting duties but does not really fight or march like the others.